Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Time!!

This year has been a BLAST getting ready for Halloween! Below are the pics that show what I'll talk about! We started by making a paper chain countdown and they would cut one off every day the closer we got to Halloween! We made it during Conference and boy was it a success! They also had a lot of fun decorating the windows with stickers!
Oh and by the way Beckham rolled over on October 18th...woot woot!
We made little ghosts for our trees inside and out...Brit made this Jack o Lantern all by himself and it melted my heart...isn't it the cutest one you've ever seen? We went to the local pumpkin patch and it was FREE! The boys had a blast looking at animals, duck racing, bean bag throwing, etc. What a party!
Ty had to work a lot in Santa Fe this month so we went up a few nights and stayed in a hotel with him! What a blast! The boys had the time of their lives. We got to go to the Hilton next door and swim and on the walk over the boys would talk about all the coyotes in the mountains:) What a fun little getaway! Too bad this was the ONLY picture I got.
Britain was a Ninja Turtle and Braden was his favorite animal, a lion..love it! Beckham was a bumblebee and boy is he sweet as honey!!! The boys had a few friends over for a Halloween Party and played games and had a dance party! I sat with the boys on the computer and let them pick which Halloween treat we wanted to make, they chose EYEBALLS! We also did a few spiders! They were yummy!
Instead of carving this year, we let the boys paint their pumpkins and they loved mixing colors and painting up a storm!

Enjoying the goods! What a great great Halloween season, we are so sad it's over! Holidays are so much more fun with kiddos around! Now to think of some fun Thanksgiving crafts to keep us busy....

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Fall is such a fun time of year and we are loving it so far! We've hit the pumpkin patch and decorated some pumpkins already! Our garden wasn't successful this year because we had a whole army of ginormous caterpillars eat everything except the green beans...finally in October our green beans came and this is about all we got! Poor Brit loves helping in the garden and hopefully next year we are more successful! Braden has kept busy doing his favorite activity in the whole world...PUZZLES! He will play with them for hours and is super good at putting them together! I don't have pictures but we've also made our fair share of caramel apples with assorted delicious toppings...I think mommy enjoyed those the most...YUM! What a fun start to the holidays!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beckham is 4 months!

My little baby is already 4 months old! I love this little boy so much, he is such a good tempered little guy and sleeps well already. He is FULL of smiles and talking all the time....He adores his older brothers and kicks and laughs whenever he sees them. So far he's a big cuddler and I am milking it for all it's worth! Below is a pic of him with some rocking awesome hair! The boys had this ball that popped and we put it on his head and we all got a great laugh!

We ADORE our baby Beck!

Friday, September 30, 2011

June flew by...

June was a crazy month for us because of our new baby! We just hung out mostly and enjoyed being home with us for a couple of weeks!
Ty and Brit would do their workout videos together...so cute!

The boys live in our backyard...this time they were jumping on their tramp and got off to show me that they had "bad guys" on their hands! They got in the laundry and pulled out Ty's dark socks and put them on their hands...so funny!

This is what I've been up to...I'm in love!

Ty took all of his boys to play soccer down the street at the park while I was out running errands. I pulled up in front of the house to see all my cute boys coming home from playing hard...cute. And that's June in a nutshell!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Soccer time is here! I LOVE soccer and played my whole life and now I can't believe I get to cheer on my baby boy! Even more exciting is that Tyler is the coach and does an amazing job! Britain picked the number 4 because he is 4 years old...he was pretty excited about that connection:) Their team is the Green Dragons and it is SO hilarious to watch!
This little one is such a good cheer leader and always is yelling, "Kick the ball!" "GOOOOO Britain!" It's also hard for him to just sit on the side with me when he wants to go play so bad! He lives for the time outs when he can go kick the ball in the goal and practice.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Beckham's Blessing!

So much has happened lately and I have a lot of posts I need to do, but thought I would put this one up now. I will add more before and after this one but this was such a neat time for us. On August 7, 2011 Beckham Tyler was given a name and a blessing by his wonderful Daddy. It was a special time for us as we had a lot of our family come down to share this time with us. Ty's parents came down and so did my parents and my four youngest siblings and sis in law! We had a wonderful time together and I loved showing off all three of my boys! We loved the company and are so grateful for such wonderful support!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grammy and Grampa meet Beckham!

Grammy Debbie and Grampa Paul came out to meet little Beckham and play with the boys! We had a lot of fun having them here and are grateful for the time they took to come visit us! We always have a fun time by reading, going to the aquarium and zoo and just playing!

Thanks for coming!!! We love you!